A thorough check is what you need before purchasing a man-made diamond


Diamonds and humans have a special love connection.  There is nothing better than starting a new journey with a diamond ring gift with your partner. However, when you visit a jewelry shop, the high cost of the diamonds shatters all your dreams as it is beyond your budget.  You are in utter despair when suddenly you discover a ray of hope; lab-made diamonds. The truth is that man-made diamonds offer the same features as mined diamonds, and the cost is also affordable.  However, if you feel that there are still some flaws in your ring made of diamond, you must follow the four essential features of a diamond; the four C’s.

What are the four C’s?

The purity of a diamond depends on the four C’s. It is the universal standard for all genuine diamonds. Hence, before making a purchase, you must make sure that you know the four C’.  Following are a brief overview of the four C’s:


We all connect diamonds as something transparent and colorless. With the help of a controlled environment, a diamond gets all the specific features of making it pure.  The color of a diamond differs from D grade to Z grade.  The D grade diamond is colorless, while the Z grade has a yellow tint. As the grade of the diamond progresses from D to Z, there are specific color changes.  There is also a price difference, though the quality remains almost the same. So, if a particular grade of diamond is visually attracting you, do not think about the low cost; go for it.  It has the same features as its other grade of diamonds.  


The clarity of a diamond determines its value. While purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry for your loved ones, you must ensure that it has clarity.  Usually, you can check the clarity of diamond with a 10x magnification which is as follows:

  • FW (Flawless) – It specifies that the quality of the diamond does not have any flaws either internally or externally.  
  • IF (Internally Flawless) – It states that there are no internal flaws, and it is perfect.
  • VVS1, VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included) – It stated that the flaws are minimal.  It is a pure diamond, and the blemishes are hard to detect even with 10x magnification.
  • SI1 and SI2 (Slightly included)  It is a suitable type of diamond, but the value is not great as there are slight flaws that you will be able to see under 10 x magnifications.
  • Included (I1, I2, I3) – These grades of diamond are of poor quality as you will be able to see the flaws with naked eyes.  It is better to buy any other type of jewelry than go for the included grade of the diamond. Moreover, most jewelers do not sell them, affecting their reputation.


Carat specifies the weight of the diamond.  The higher the weight, the more expensive it becomes. Hence, before you purchase an item made of diamond, you must always check the weight and then calculate the price. However, do not be confused with the word ‘total carat.’ It is because a ‘total caratsignifies the total weight of the ring that includes a diamond and other stones. On the contrary, the carat of a diamond specifies the importance of the diamond alone. Hence, you will find that bigger diamonds are more expensive as the amount of carat is more.


The brightness of a diamond depends mainly on how you cut it.  When you visit a jewelry shop, you will find various lab-created diamond rings. However, the cost of a ring varies as the cut grades are different.  The cut grade of a diamond determines the price.  A high-quality cut-grade diamond will sparkle with scintillating reflections of the light.  If the cut grade is too long or shallow, it affects the quality of the diamond.  Hence, before buying a diamond ring, you must always check whether it creates any shadow.

Types of Diamonds

Man-made diamonds are of two types, both of which are similar. However, there are some differences in price, quality, and size.  The two types of diamonds are:

  • Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are not natural diamonds, but they share the same features of a naturally mined diamond.  There are two ways of preparing synthetic diamonds:

  1. HPHT or High-pressure High-temperature method where natural conditions help the diamond seeds grow bigger and better.
  2. CVD or chemical vapor deposition method releases carbon gases into a high-temperature chamber. อา ซีวีดี เพชร looks precisely like the mined diamonds as they are colorless and flawless.
  3. Diamond Simulants

Diamond stimulants are not original diamonds but are imitations, and they look authentic but do not have any properties of a pure diamond. There are three different forms: cubic zirconia, diamond nexus stimulant, and moissanite.


ดังนั้น, if you are trying to invest in a diamond, you must follow the four important Cs. It would be best to do thorough research before making any decision because, in the case of a diamond, it is the price that matters the most.


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