How to choose a diamond to preserve its value?

Before choosing a diamond ring, everyone will consider such a question, that is, if I buy this diamond, will it increase in value in the future, or at least preserve its value?

Come hear a case from my client. A friend bought a two-carat D IF 3EX NONE diamond from a jewelry company. Although the clarity grade is not FL, it is also a top diamond. This grade was chosen because the diamond dealer told him that the diamond was extremely scarce and therefore had a high potential for appreciation. It sounded reasonable at the time. Then I bought it and won more than 50 W. This customer consulted me a few days ago. He wanted to find a company to recycle the diamond and asked me what the diamond valued for him. I checked the current market price, and the market price of this diamond is probably more than 500,000, but how much did I give in the end? Only gave a recycling price of about 40, why?

I want to ask you a question first. With a budget of more than 500,000 in hand, how big of a diamond would you consider? The key point is here. Let me talk to you. When recycling a diamond, the first thing to consider is how long the diamond will stay in your hands, that is, whether the diamond’s circulation speed is fast enough. If you are not sure to sell quickly, it means that the funds will accumulate for a long time, which is not worthwhile. So even if this diamond is really worth more than 300,000 now, I would not dare to buy it. What if no client inquires about this diamond before next year? Vì thế, if you accept it, you can accept it at a very low price, so that you can have enough profit. Otherwise, it is difficult for such a large sum of money to depress this diamond.

There’s a little more to take such a risk. With top-quality two-carat diamonds readily available on the market, there is absolutely no need for a jewelry company to pay a fortune to ship them. Many people take it for granted that high-grade diamonds will preserve their value, but the opposite is true.

To preserve the value of diamonds, there is no need to pursue high-end grades. If you want to buy, you should buy more liquid regular grades, such as gvs 1 3 ex none/fvs 1 3 ex none/gvs 2 3 ex none/fvs 2 3 ex none. In fact, if you want to pursue a higher level, it is a microscopic difference, and the difference is not very big when you directly observe it with the naked eye. High-end diamonds are expensive and the market is too illiquid.

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