Lab-created diamonds provide numerous advantages

  • Low Impact

Roughly 100 square feet of land are disturbed, and nearly 6000 pounds of mineral waste are produced per carat of diamonds mined.

  • Ecologically Sustainable 

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds have never resulted in an injury among their workers.

  • Cost-Effective 

No diamonds comes free, but lab-grown diamond can be anything from 20-30 per cheaper than mined diamonds because of the short supply chain.

In what ways have lab-grown diamonds impacted the current generation of consumers

Lab-grown diamonds are more popular among the younger generation because they are more environmentally friendly & sustainably sourced.

Let’s have a look at how lab-grown diamonds are created and also how long that takes

It is possible to create lab-grown diamonds in 2 distinct ways, like excessive pressure and temperature in HPHT. It’s known as a chemical bath deposition. HPHT begins with a microscopic diamond seedling deposited on carbon, and afterward, the diamonds are heated and pressed to severe temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, these are the conditions within which diamonds mined from the ground surface acquire their composition and structure.


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