Why does rough uncut diamond color grading start at D?

One of the reasons Raw Uncut Diamonds are popular is because of their color and a fire color. So what are thebestcolors? Let’s take a look at how Raw Uncut Diamonds is rated in 4C.

Raw Uncut Diamonds get their color from the chemicals that form diamonds on Earth.

Em geral, most Raw Diamond colors are graded from D to Z. From the rarest grade D to the yellow or light brown grade Z, the most common Raw Uncut Diamonds color is yellow.

D, E, and F are said to be colorless classes. G, H, EU, and J are said to be near colorless. K through Z ranges in color from light to light yellow or brown.

Gem LABS use colorimetric stones to grade Rough cut diamonds, and gemologists typically grade diamonds by looking at them upside down from a booth.

Why watch Uncut Diamonds from the pavilion? Because looking at the crown can be affected by how the diamond is cut.

In a well-cut diamond, the light will come in and out on a shorter path, refracting light with greater intensity. Portanto, the overall effect of the diamond from the crown will be relatively white, but you will not see a lot of fire color.

Other rough uncut diamond cuts cause some of the light to leak through the bottom of the diamond or refract inside, so the diamond may look a little dark when viewed from the crown.

Então, by looking at the diamond from the pavilion, gemologists can more accurately rate the diamond’s color from D to Z.

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