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Tembo is one of the leading brand with the widest collection of Type IIa lab created diamonds available in the market. Located in the original rough land, selected high-quality rough, self-produced diamonds, and sold in its own market, which has a great price advantage. We ensure the quality of diamonds. In the same price, I have the highest purity, and in the same purity and carat, we are the more suitable choice for the price.

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab Grown Loose Diamonds uses less than half the amount of energy to produce similar amounts of rough carats compared to natural mines.
Eco Friendly
Lab Grown Diamonds grow through the same natural crystallisation process as mined diamonds, as well as share the same physical, chemical and optical properties.
Lab Grown Diamond
Tembo is the leading brand with the widest collection of Type IIa Lab created diamonds – The purest of pure grade in diamonds.
Conflict Free


Tembo offers high-quality & low cost lab grown diamonds that exceeds consumer expectations.

To fill the need of diamonds for the jewelry industry by manufacturing the best Lab Grown Diamonds.


To Establish flow less supply chain with our customers to meet the industry needs.


To Lead the industry in providing the highest quality Single Crystal Lab Grown Diamond for the fine jewelry industry.