Round Cut 0.5ct 1ct 1.5cts VS1 VS2 SI1 Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

Certificate Type:IGI
Gemstone Color:White
Gemstone Shape:Round Brilliant Cut
Gemstone Size:6.5mm
Gemstone Weight:0.5ct, 1ct, 1.5cts
Treatments Applied:Fracture filling
Optical Special Effects:Color Play or Fire
Item Height:65%
Diamond Cut:Excellent
Application:Fine jewelry, engagement rings, gold jewerly, silver jewelry

Product Name
Round Cut 0.5ct 1ct 1.5cts VS1 VS2 SI1 Loose Lab Grown Diamonds
White D
100% lab grown synthetic Loose Diamond
Wedding gift, proposal gift, party
1 piece
Product Keywords
CVD diamond


What is Laboratory Grown Diamond CVD

Diamond CVD is a chemical vapor deposition technique that produces high-quality man-made diamonds in the laboratory. The following are the basic steps to prepare diamond CVD:

1-Prepare the substrate: Select an appropriate substrate, such as silicon, tungsten, or molybdenum, and clean and treat it to remove surface impurities.

2-Preparation of reactive gases: Reactive gases used in diamond CVD typically include methane and hydrogen. In the laboratory, these gases are usually obtained by mixing high-purity methane and hydrogen.

3-Preparative CVD chamber: In the case of diamond CVD, a special chamber is used in which the reactive gases are heated and transported to the substrate surface.

4-Start the reaction: Place the substrate in the CVD chamber and heat the reaction gas. The decomposition of methane in the reaction gas produces carbon atoms that deposit on the surface of the substrate and form diamonds.

5-Controlling reaction conditions: Controlling the flow rate and temperature of reaction gases can control the quality and appearance of synthetic diamonds. For example, adjusting the reaction temperature and methane concentration can increase diamond crystal size and growth rate.

6-Collecting and processing prepared diamonds: Prepared diamonds often require subsequent processing, such as cutting and polishing, to achieve the desired shape and surface quality.

diamond packaging

Payment & Delivery

Tembo is one of the leading brand with the widest collection of Type Ila lab created diamonds available in the market. Located in the original rough land, selected high-quality rough, self- produced diamonds, and sold in its own market, which has a great price advantage. We ensure the quality of diamonds. In the same price, we have the highest purity, and in the same purity and carat, we are the more suitable choice for the price. We equip with progressed gemstones processing equipments and a team of experienced workers. Our products are fancy colors and shapes like Round, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Tapper, Axe.

We can design all kinds special gemstones from 1mm to 150mm as the guests requested. We make sure that we always keep prompt delivery because of our manufacturing and manager experience. We insist on an idea: Customer is highest, Credibility is first. Our diamonds enjoy a good reputation and are sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, India and other countries and regions. We firmly believe that we can become your most trustworthy partner to create a better career height. Welcome to visit our company and expand our long-term cooperative relation.

1. Q: How can we guarantee quality?
A: Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment.
2. Q: What’s the delivery time?
A: Loose Diamond Shipment: within 3-5 days after payment;
Customized products: need to negotiate.0.01-2.0 carat white synthetic HPHT CVD real lab-grown loose diamond wholesale price for sale.
3. Q: Do you accept OEM service?
A: YES, we accept OEM, and can customize any designs based on your requirements.
4. Q: Is It possible to buy one sample?
A: Yes, you need to pay the sample cost and accept the shipping fee. The sample will be sent out within a short time if the items have stock. If the sample needs to produce or cut, it takes 6-10days.
Q: What about the color and clarity of the product?
A: Our grade is excellent, DEFGH, VVS VS SI I.
5. Q: What about your after-sales service?
A: We pay more attention to the after-sales service, both for samples and regular orders if you have any comments or suggestions you more.