What is the difference between diamond clarity SI and VS?

The clarity grade of a diamond refers to the obvious degree of the characteristics of internal defects and external defects of a diamond. To put it bluntly, it means that the diamond is pure and impure inside. The purer the diamond is, the higher the diamond grade will be and the higher the diamond quality will be.

SI1 clear diamond, can you buy it? How different is it from VVS? Why the price difference? How many consultants say that the clarity to buy a high point, or affect the diamond permeability, drilling will not flash not bright?

Diamond clarity grade ranking (from high to low) FL >IF >VVS1 >VVS2 >VS1 >VS2 >SI1 >SI2 >P1 >P2 >P3

SI1 or more diamonds, with 10 times the magnifying glass to see diamond internal flaws, SI1 is diamond studs are watershed, a lot of time if consider price, I would recommend doing SI1 clarity diamond grade, of course, the premise is SI1 compare preferences of the diamond if SI1 level is partial SI2 is bad, choice SI1 must select, If the budget is adequate can be appropriate to improve the level of clarity.

SI2 or grade clarity below is not recommended. Inclusions are directly visible to the naked eye. Generally used as an industrial drill.

First of all, you need to know whether you want to buy this diamond as a wedding ring for daily wear or as a collection. (Only if the 4C level is high, does it have collection value. If you want to wear the wedding ring daily, it is not necessary to buy all parameters of 4C high.)

From a realistic point of view, if it is simply worn, only the characteristics of the diamond inside the naked eye directly see not out of the OK, diamond visual effect will not be bad, the diamond level above try to choose not less than SI1 grade diamond can be. Because it’s impossible for someone to take a magnifying glass and stare at your diamond ring! It is difficult to tell the difference between SI1 clarity diamonds and other clarity diamonds with the naked eye!

Is there a big difference between the SI and VS grades for diamonds?

SI grade includes SI1 and SI2, and VS grade includes VS1 and VS2, there is a big difference between them, VS grade diamonds must be seen with a ten-fold magnification glass, and SI grade SI1 is not visible to the naked eye, but if you magnify it, it is still much more obvious than VS grade, let alone SI2. The flaw is immediately visible to the naked eye.

Still, often hear outside there is a statement, clarity affects the diamond’s fire color, luster, a little flicker small white. In fact, in theory, the purer the diamond inside, the light in the diamond inside the more channel display is the better the fire color brightness, but it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish the difference, so the naked eye can not see the flaws can be, the higher the clarity, the higher the price, the right level of clarity.

From the aesthetic point of view, SI1 clarity diamond, will not produce a visual impact, the price is also very beautiful, so cost-effective. Small partners with a tight budget can choose SI1 clarity diamonds. If the diamond quality is high and the budget is sufficient, you can also choose a little higher.

Conclusion: SI1 clarity diamond is completely fine after optimal selection. Mainly avoid black spots/edge cracks. The budget is relatively tight, the clarity of SI1, is cost-effective, and quality is also good. Don’t be fooled by clarity! Spend your money where you can see it! Diamonds regardless of brand, regardless of origin!

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