How much is a cultivated diamond per carat?

Today, when the economy is downgraded, artificially-called lab-grown diamonds are indeed a better choice. A 1-carat D-color vvs1 loose diamond only costs about 7,000, and it has an IGI international certificate, and its quality is guaranteed.

The choice of lab-grown diamonds should be based on the budget and needs. If the budget is sufficient, choose the one with high 4C standards, and choose the one with high cost performance for daily wear. It is generally recommended to choose D color VS1 clarity 3EX cut for cultivated diamonds, which is more cost-effective.

The number one reason for the popularity of lab-grown diamonds is their price, which retails for about 30% less than natural diamonds. Second, because the conditions under which grown diamonds are highly controlled, they have fewer impurities and are purer than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are replacing expensive natural diamonds with lower prices, higher quality and more environmentally friendly attributes, becoming the first choice for marriage proposal men and beauty-loving women.

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