Which is better, lab-grown diamonds vs moissanite?

As an old jeweler who has been in the business for many years, moissanite is generally inferior to lab-grown diamonds.

In terms of composition, cultivated diamonds are carbon, and moissanite is silicon carbide. Although moissanite can also be a good substitute for diamonds, it is not strictly a real diamond, and it is very different from a real diamond.

lab-grown diamonds vs moissanite
lab grown diamonds vs moissanite

Both plant-grown diamonds and moissanite are used as substitutes for natural diamonds in the market. But it should be noted that cultivated diamonds are “planted” by artificially simulating the natural environment, and are completely real diamonds, while Moissanite diamonds are imitation diamonds, which are artificial “gemstones”, which are very different from real diamonds.

In the case of insufficient budget, if the diamond is used for marriage and proposal, and the quality of the diamond ring is required, it is recommended to buy a cultivated diamond.

For everyday use or on a budget, Moissanite diamonds are more suitable because their fire is brighter than real diamonds.

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